Perpetua (Italian: Perpetual) Life® Biotech is a U.S.-based startup that focuses on Research & Development in the field of gerontology, and longevity medicine. 

Ultimately, we're a small group of microbiologists, doctors, and biotech entrepreneurs dedicated to funding longevity research across the World in an effort to develop supplements, and pharmaceuticals that may slow or one day stop human aging.

  • Dr. Mark Chavez MD

    Geffen School of Medicine at UCLADr.

    Chavez is a medical doctor, health coach, and entrepreneur who is passionate about health, medicine, longevity, and entrepreneurship.

    For over 10 years he has focused his efforts on creating innovative ways to keep people healthy while helping them pursue their passions.

    He is a David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA alumni.

    Dr. Chavez is the Inventor of The Gravity Ball Method of Grip-Free Resistance Exercise, and the author of the book "The 5 Habits of Healthy People."

  • Prof. Leonas Valius MD, PhD

    Chairman, Dept. Family Medicine at LUHS

    Prof. Valius is a medical doctor and scientist, Chairman of the Dept. of Family Medicine at LUHS, Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Index Copernicus, member of the Board of the European Region of WONCA and EUROPREV, and an LSMU MA Faculty of Medicine council member.

    Prof. Valius has authored countless scientific research papers and has received more accolades than we have space to list in a short bio.

  • Dr. Oscar Segurado MD, PhD

    Chief Medical Officer at ASC Therapeutics

    Dr. Segurado is a medical doctor, scientist, and tenured professor of Immunology living in the San Francisco Bay area with decades of experience in neuroscience and immunology and over 100 scientific and news articles published in top-rated journals like Nature and Lancet.

    Dr. Segurado is a volunteer board member, and the author of the bestseller: "Mindful Framing."

  • Dr. Silvija Valdonė Alšauskė MD

    MD, and PhD candidate at LUHS

    Dr. Alšauskė is a medical doctor, and a PhD candidate doing her thesis on cognitive function and early detection of cognitive function decline in patients with multimorbidity (in primary care setting).
    She is also the founder of Egomedum.

  • Prof. Ted Katagi MBA

    Berkeley, Harvard Business School

    Ted Katagi is the co-founder and CEO of Kenja, a Council Leader of the US-Japan Council, Chair of the Marketing and Public Relations Leadership of the American Chamber of Commerce Japan (ACCJ), an ambassador of the Global Business Blockchain Council, as well as a professor at the University of Tsukuba.

    He is a University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Business School alumni.

    Prof. Katagi is a strategic advisor and is assisting in distribution of Perpetua.Life® products in Asia.



Everything started in the O'Neill Library at Boston College back in 2017 when 3 biology post-grad students, and friends in the Morrissey science department decided something was missing in the life extension market. This would launch them on the difficult, but rewarding path that wouldn't materialise into a fully functioning business until 3 years later. 

In 2021 the company finally released their first product AEON:

"It was very important to us that our first product be formulated with the most researched, and cutting edge ingredients available on the market. AEON was created to be an all-in-one longevity focused supplement. Each compound carefully chosen for its stand-alone benefits as well as its synergistic ones paired with the other 10." - Prof. Michael Morgan

Here at Perpetua.Life we don't waste money on flashy marketing campaigns, or commercials, because we're not here to persuade you to buy our products. Our goal is to offer already informed consumers a more affordable, unrivaled all-in-one NAD+ supplement.

Perpetua.Life® is a registered trademark of Perpetua Life LLC serial number 97037339 under U.S. codes 005,006,018,044,046,051,052.

Perpetua Life® UK is a registered company in the UK with company nr. 14701618 and responsible for the distribution of Perpetua Life® products throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.